About Me

Hello there Lovies!

I’m Crystal.

I’m just ONE momma who’s determined to prove to the world, beginning with my tiny sphere, that I can live my dreams everyday.


Not when I have the savings to back me up.

Hell, not even when I have the income to finance it.

I will do it while I’m living it!

How else is there after all?

We only have to ask ourselves what we want our daily lives to look like. Then DO it.

Once we know WHAT we want to experience, we then set to work on figuring out HOW to get there.

And start RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW taking tiny steps towards building those experiences into our days.

For example, several years ago, lost in the freedom of riding solo for the first time in my adult life, the kiddos and I used to do a lot of stay-cationing around SC.

Some of the best hiking and water falls to date.

One of our favorite day trips was a downtown area of Greenville, SC that we came to nickname Little Italy.

Our dreams of trampin the world began there in Lil Italy.

We decided then to buy a camper and give it a try at home in the states while I went to work on getting everybody’s passports.

We even found an apartment abroad and set a date for a three to six month stay in Florence that never happened.

On June 6th, 2010 I walked away from a five year career in corrections.

I had worked my way into a gravy job as switchboard operator.

I finally had the coveted 9-5 shift.

This was good.

It put me at my favorite post, main control.

It was everything I thought I wanted!
But I hated it.

I hated my life.

I spent my days surrounded by the people that have everything without doing anything. Those that somehow have the whole world at their fingertips while doing nothing but wrong to others.

I remember thinking one day on the drive home “Why bother with being a good person if all I have to look forward to is misery and struggle while these criminals and their families live life with a silver spoon?”.

I think that’s when I gave up.

If they’re out their living high and getting rich, ridin’ the Escalades and Navigators and wearing Apple Bottoms and Aeropostale and totin’ Gucci and Versace, selling drugs and collecting welfare checks…

Why should I bust my ass every day just to go home hating my life, unable to cope with the rest of my responsibilites at home?

By the end of 2010, I not only gave up my job but also my home.
In July 2010 Bo, the love of my life, came into our lives.

This, of course, put my plans of RVing the nation on hold.

That tells ya just how committed I was, huh?

But his job had us doing a lot of hotel hopping so I stll got to feed my travellin’ bug.

The next few years would have us bouncing around a lot.



Work was pretty much whatever we could get.

No real jobs; Just odds n ends as we bid them.

I like to try and learn new things and loved the independence that that life gave me, while trying to find some means of working online.
I learned to build websites and how to use seo strategies.

I did some virtual assistant gigs.

I found a gentleman that hired me as his personal assistant. I did his bookkeeping and other management tasks for his construction and rental businesses and played with making dvds for his church while Bo worked on his construction crew.

Mr Delbert taught us a lot and we will be forever grateful to him.

We made it, barely scraping by most of the time; with a handful of high payers mixed in every few months, but still the dream given up haunted me.
Until February 2013, when on a day frustration was running high (work had been very slow lately) and it being tax time we were trying to decide how to spend it.

The options were the usual:

1) splurge and end up broke again,

2) catch up on everything (We were falling further and further behind each month) and hope things would get better, or

3) don’t spend anything and instead use it as monthly income over the next 4-6 months.

But we were frustrated!

We do this every year!

We either play rich for a week (Definitely out of the question we had finally learnt that lesson!)

Or we catch up just to end up right back where we were.

The never ending cycle.

It was then that we both shared the same sentiment.

We wished (out loud) we could just pack up and take the money and run.

Just drive till we got somewhere we wanted to be.

Somewhere where we could make the money we needed to live how we want to.
Now mind you, were not extravagant by any means. our desired income was not luxury. We just want to be able to pay the bills, go to the doctor or dentist, and buy necessities as we need them (you know, like shoes for the kids, clothes, Christmas and birthdays).

We truly were not asking for much and, as you can see, were still not asking for much more than that.

My goal of $5k per month is what many middle class are living.

We don’t want to be millionaires!

We just wanna be able to do what millionaires do – enjoy our life on our terms.
From my past forays into the lifestyle design and location independence, I saw the possibility ahead.

And then i broke it to Bo.

What if we could?

Why can’t we take this windfall, tiny as it was, and use it to fund our dreams of running away?

After all, we had already done that with my cash out when I quit work.

We lived for the remainder of 2010 on that.

We could do that again!
So instead of doing the wrong thing…shopping spree
And instead of doing the right thing…catching up or planning ahead
We did our thing…door number 3…
We bought the necessary equipment to bring our painting business on the road.

We bought our new home, a 1978 27 foot class A motorhome.

We packed.

And we left.
Oh, i had a plan. Ha!Ha!

I was gonna be a millionaire blogger and we would paint as we traveled the great USA.

I even made sure we had enough of a cash stash to hold us for the first month or two depending on where we ventured.
What we didn’t do thou…

was take our time.
We didn’t have the bus checked out for mechanical issues.

We didn’t map our route.

We wouldn’t allow ourselves the ‘what ifs’.
We cashed our tax check on March 25, finalized the sale and brought the bus home on the 26th, and hit the road on the 27th.
I remember having one lone panic attack just before bed the night before we left.

I was reading thru some articles on an RVing blog and the one that got me told of this family’s misadventure with breakdowns. Basically just saying if it can go wrong it will eventually.

The nervousness subsided pretty quickly and all was well.
We spent our first night in the parking lot of Advance Auto paying an after hours RV mechanic hundreds of dollars to replace the dimmer switch to get the headlights working.

This was after spending the afternoon in Walmart’s parking lot, across the street, replacing a leaking fuel line.
Finally on march 28th we managed to cross the Georgia State Line!

We pulled over to jump for joy and sing and dance, thinking our troubles were over.
It would be later that day that the real journey began.
It took us a week to get to Birmingham, Alabama, with many adjustments to the battery and engine along the way.
Then, my Bo, along with two hitch hikers we had picked up, landed in jail for three months leaving the children and me at my moms in Mississippi.
So my dream realized had quickly turned into my worst nightmare.
I was defeated.
I did the right thing, the only thing I could do to even hope to get back on the road.
I got a job.
Oh, I tried the blogging.

It didn’t do too well cuz, well, I really wasn’t doing the work.

Between no or very little internet to being depressed by my defeat and still a bit shell shocked, the millionaire blogger thing just wasn’t happening.
And my Bo wasn’t coming home. He would be going back up north to face a very old violation of probation charge – up to 7 years longer in prison.
But my God answered many, many prayers when, on June 21, the day before Sonnie’s Sweet Sixteen, I got a voice mail saying he was walking the interstate to Mississippi.

We have never been so happy!
But we were still stuck in Mississippi.

With no work.

No fun.

No life.
So we decided to try Tennessee, and that is where the magic happened.
Sometime around Thanksgiving, I decided I just had to make this pair of booties for Bo that I had seen on Facebook.

The only problem was I didn’t know how to crochet.

So I got the supplies and went to work learning how to hook.
Crocheting, it turns out, is very time consuming. But I wasn’t going to give up.

I wasn’t going to waste more money, more time, more energy on something and not finish it.

I am tired of doing that.
As I got lost in crocheting, my mind would wander. I spent most of December 2013 going over my life while whittlin’ away at these booties.

So many things popped up, Just about everything, that I had ever begun and never finished. I’d either get bored and jump to the next thing or I’d figure its not working so i give up.

But the thing I realized is that I never really actually do anything.
See, with learning to crochet, I couldn’t just read and learn. I actually had to DO if I was to have these booties, which I’m still working on.

So I began a mental inventory, which is slowly being converted to “on paper”, of all the things I have learnt.

And there was my problem.

There was my answer to the “Why can’t I do this blogging/working online stuff?” question.
I have good goals; I do the written vision stuff; I do the Think and Grow Rich stuff.

What, oh WHAT, am I missing?!?

And why for Goodness’ sake can I not write?!?

I’ve always been a good writer!

In school.

In work

In personal journals…
But there it was staring me in the face!

I never DO.
I “know” how to build a blog.
I “know” how to do Facebook, ect.
I “know” how to get out of debt.
I “know” A LOT.
But I’ve never DONE anything.
I know how I want to live my days. I even have My Perfect Normal Day in writing.
But I don’t DO it.

I let whatever come up and end up doing the same ole.
Christmas Day 2013 I spent in bed under the guise of working on those booties.

I don’t remember even kissing my kids a Merry Christmas, I was so far down in the dumps!

This was definitely our worst yet.

And, again, I promised myself that next year would be amazing.
But I got something going on with me now that I can’t just stop there anymore.
When I say something in my life is a priority now, my lizard brain, who I am quickly learning to love, says to me “Prove it.”.

What do I do daily that shows God is priority in my life?
What do I do daily that shows my kids that they are #1?
What do I do daily to prove that building my online empire is important to me?
Because a short guesstimate of time usage would suggest otherwise.

I spent my days in desperate search of the magic bullet; that one thing that’s gonna make everything fall into place.
It’s good that I had that realization right around the time for making this years resolutions and goals.

Now I ask for proof for how i intend to make something happen.
And now I have a plan, a much better plan.

I have written more in the last few weeks trying to “empty my cup” than I have in the last year trying to be Miss Millionaire Blogger.

My cup, i believe, for now anyway, is empty.
I know my priorities.

I have my goals.

I have my vision.

I have my why.

I have my plans, my maps.

I know my numbers.

I have my story.

I have my victory.

I have my defeat.

I have real vIctory at my fingertips.

I do live my dream every day…

in whatever capacity i can

in whatever circumstances i am.

Just as Paul said from jail I am learning to be content…satisfied with my personal best…in all manner of surrounding.

I am living in that certain way, according to the Science of Getting Rich.
I have one more bootie to go.

I used to think I had to wait till I had made it before I was somebody.

That I had nothing to give until I had gotten it.

I used to think I had to be the Blogging Superstar before I could be the blogging superstar.
Then I realized that’s just what blogging is!

It’s sharing my journey with the world.

It’s teaching others how to live (the verb) by sharing my what I am learning on my journey.

The proof is in the pudding.

My proof is you watching me live (the verb) and love (the verb) every single day of my life!

Here and Now.

Not someday.

Not when the the galaxies decide to align perfectly.

Not when the money is in the bank.
I no longer wait for my dreams to happen to me.

I am making my dreams happen.

Hour by hour,

Task by task,

Choice by choice.
It is possible.
Watch and see.
And when your ready…
Join me.
Tell me your story…

Your dreams…
And I’ll show YOU how to live them NOW.


Butterflies and Buttercup Kisses!



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