The World Is My Treasure Hunt


I’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up to try geocaching with the kids. It seems Spring has finally decided to stay around this time here in middle Tennessee and it’s time to go out and PLAY.

We’ve had a blast wanderin around the city searching for our mystery treasure. We proudly logged our first two successful hunts this week!


So what is geocaching?

Geocaching is a world wide scavenger hunt being played by millions in the online world through sites such as and geocaching4kids.

Caches are capsules with various goodies packed inside ranging from a small log sheet to toys, trinkets, and whatever else the owner has the inclination to tuck away — keeping in mind some basic safety and sanitation measures, of course.

It really gets fun, though, when you hunt the larger sizes where you can trade and track items or give them a mission to accomplish such as travelling to every state or even country.

We can’t wait to get to some of those!


Join The Fun!

Come find me and my gang at — @pasfamrvteam– and be sure to leave me a message and we can do some huntin together.

You can see more of our fun over on Facebook or G+. I’ll be working on geocaching specific pages over the weekend and will update the links when they go live.

If you have wee ones be sure to check out geocaching4kids for kiddie goodies too!

Happy Hunting!



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